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(Invited contribution for special issue on Oxidative Water Treatment)

Psoras, A.W.; McCoy, S.W.; Reber, K.P.; McCurry, D.L.; Sivey, J.D. Ipso substitution of aromatic bromine in chlorinated waters: Impacts on trihalomethane formation. Environmental Science and Technology, 2023, In Press.


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Harb, M.; Zarei-Baygi, A.; Wang, P.; BouNehme Sawaya, C.; McCurry, D.L.; Stadler, L.B.; Smith, A.L. Antibiotic transformation and associated microbial activity in an anaerobic membrane bioreactor. Environmental Research2021, 200, 111456.


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#Hua, L.C.; #Kim, E.; McCurry, D.L.; Huang, C.; Mitch, W.A. Novel Chlorination Byproducts of Tryptophan: Initial High-Yield Transformation Products Versus Small Molecule DBPs. Environmental Science and Technology Letters, 2020, 7, 149-155. # = equal contributions


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McKenna, E.; Thompson, K.; Taylor-Edmonds, L.; McCurry, D.L.; Hanigan, D. Summation of Disinfection By-product CHO Cell Relative Toxicity Indices: Sampling Bias, Uncertainty, and a Path Forward. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 2020, Accepted. DOI: 10.1039/c9em00468h

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